Marriage ceremony restaurant

The most beautiful moment in your life is worth celebrating the sumptuousness of this special occasion. If you are looking for a perfect place for a civil wedding party, Hanu' lui Manuc is at your disposal, with a central location, in the heart of Bucharest. At the inn you will find everything you need to make this special day an unforgettable celebration. We offer you a special menu, accommodation, a professional photographer, floral arrangements and live music.

Hanu' lui Manuc is a special restaurant in the Bucharest's landscape, giving guests a special atmosphere, in an elegant setting, full of history. An event organized at Hanu' lui Manuc means a journey in time, an escape from everyday life into the magical world of boyars, ladies, gentlemen, an era of elegance and adventure. The inn brings back the Bucharest of merchants, Phanariots, vaivodes and great historical figures. In this evocative environment, Hanu' lui Manuc Interbelic transforms any civil wedding into a royal event, a perfect moment, which all guests will dearly remember.



Are you looking for a private party with your colleagues? Hanu’ lui Manuc Restaurant helps you to organize the perfect corporate party. An event manager will assist you through the whole organizing process.

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Hanu’ lui Manuc Restaurant is close to you in one of the most important moments in your life. Our advice and services will help you to have the most beautiful wedding at a restaurant.

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The baptism ceremony is the most important event of your little one’s life! Call us now and our team of experts in organizing events will create the perfect party and the most beautiful evening you and your guests will have.

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